Sustainable and Environmental green practices in agriculture

Sustain4Rural is an Erasmus+ funded project whose goal is to train farmers and individuals,
who are living in rural/underserved areas of Cyprus and Crete with the purpose to inform
and consult them about green practices they may use in their farming jobs.

Farmer who wants to be educated on latest agricultural technologies?
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About Us

Sustain4Rural is a project inspired by the continuous advancement of versatile smart technologies and their applications. The agricultural sector comprises different establishments that require such technologies not only to solve potential problems, automate and simplify certain applications but most importantly maintain sustainability. Professional organizations and people (ECECT, MILETIA, PARPOUNAS) who are interested in environmental practices, the protection of our forests, and the use of smart technologies came together in an effort to educate people who are not traditionally targeted by projects funded by European bodies. A typical trainee could be a young farmer (who ideally has basic internet/IT skills), agricultural or environmental organizations, and representatives. Various seminars and events will then utilize this material to inform farmers in rural areas about the latest trends and technologies. The main goal is not only to educate people but make sure they embrace these new (green) technologies and stay updated, which will be available through the online platform and social media accounts.

Sustain4Rural Consortium