Sustainability for rural areas

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Course Overview

Funded by ERASMUS PLUS of the European Union



The project’s objective is to educate young farmers and individuals, in rural areas, in topics related to the newest agrotechnologies, green practices, circular economy, waste management, resource management, using blended/hybrid learning as well as physical presence. It is expected that sustain4rural will have a positive impact to the local community by making them more competitive and also have a positive impact to the environment and the fight against climate change.


The activities that are going to be implemented include a blended system of online and face-to-face training session in Cyprus and Greece in small groups based on their interests and focus topics. Feedback from trainees will be a useful tool for adapting the educational material according to their needs. Online tools such as LMS, social media presence and other will be used during project, and will also maintained by ECECT for at least 3 years after the project ends.


We are expecting to have a high turnout of participants as we aim to advertise the event through agricultural groups in rural areas. The material that is going to be used is going to allow the farmers to become more competitive. We hope that this project is going to start a movement in rural areas made up by farmers who want to update their production practices and embrace new technologies and eco-friendly practices. We then aim to expand the project to the rest of Europe.